Biomechanics et al., Toolbox for MATLAB

Biomechanics et al., Toolbox for MATLAB

Version 1.0, June 10, 2001

  1. What is It?
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What is It?

The Biomechanics at al., Toolbox (BEAT) is a collection of functions for that attempt to ease the task of analyzing biomechanics data by providing some core functionality to avoid reinvention of the wheel. It consists of the following functions:

 File Access Functions
   DUMPDATA     - Save data and labels to disk or database (DB interface tk).
   LOADACQ      - Load an Acqknowledge format file of analog data.
   LOADLABVIEW  - Load a binary Labview file of analog data.
   LOADMRF      - Load MacReflex data file from disk.
   LOADMYOHDR   - Utility to load header of Noraxon MyoSoft data file; used by LOADNOR.
   LOADNOR      - Load a Noraxon Winmyo file of analog data ASCII format or MyoSoft format.
   LOADVSA      - A function that loads a .VSA type data file obtained from the VScope system.
   SAVESTATS    - Save data from user to a tab-delimited file, appending if file exists.

 Motion and EMG Analysis Functions
   GETDROPS     - Get dropouts in data.
   FILLGAPS     - Fill in gaps and make sure points are consecutive.
   FIXDROPS     - Fix dropouts in data obtained using GETDROPS.
   H_STRIKE     - Pick heel strike events from data.
   MAKE_CYCLES  - Divide cyclic data into its component cycles, and create average cycle.
   MEANFREQ     - Compute mean frequency of a signal.
   MEDFREQ      - Compute median frequency of a signal.
   RMS_EMG      - Rectify and RMS an EMG signal.
   SET_BASELINE - Set the baseline level of a signal
   TOE_OFF      - Pick toe off events from data.

   COMC         - Compute coefficient of multiple correlation of a data series.

 User Interface
   DONEBUT      - Function to indicate the pressing of a 'Done' button.
                  Deprecated in recent versions of MATLAB which allow for easy
                  dialog creation.
   EXCL_RAD     - Callback function to make radio buttons mutually exclusive
   RB_STARTEND  - Pick start and end points of event using a rubber-band box.
                  Superceded by RBBOX.

 Plotting Tools
   MAKEAXIS     - Take sampling interval and generate true x-axis for plots.

 Miscellaneous Matrix and Vector Calculations
   COMPANG      - Compute the (2-D or 3-D) angle created by three markers.
                  (works like: 180 - subspace(line1, line2))
   DOTPROD      - Vector dot product.	
                  (superceded by dot)
   FILLGAPS     - Fill in gaps and make sure points are consecutive.
   VECTMAG      - A function that will compute the magnitude of a vector x.
                  (replace with norm)

You can click the name of each function for details on its usage.


To install the BEAT Toolbox, create a directory for it with some imaginative name like beat. Then take the compressed distribution, and decompress it into that directory (be sure to preserve directory/path info when you decompress!) Then add the directory to your MATLAB path. Voila!


The BEAT Toolbox is copyright 2000 by its authors and the Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma, and is released under terms of the GNU General Public License. For details, see the file COPYING.txt, or visit the GNU website.

When reporting results obtained using BEAT, one should cite it as having been used. Something along the lines of:

     Results obtained using the BEAT Toolbox (NISMAT et al., 2000; see


The BEAT Toolbox was written, performed, engineered and produced by:

Ian Kremenic, M.Eng.
Instigator and principal author.
Ali Sheikhzadeh, Ph.D.
Original author of loadlabview.m


If you have questions or complaints about the BEAT Toolbox or (more importantly) files and/or bugfixes you wish to contribute to it, please contact If you have a help or support request, please keep in mind that you can vent all the spleen you want, but any requests will be dealt with as the authors are able to handle them. In other words, this isn't something the authors are paid a lot of money to do, so please don't expect 24x7-type support. We won't call you back, but you'll get an e-mail response as soon as possible. Perhaps if more than four people decide they want to use this, we'll set up a mailing list...

For the latest info about the BEAT Toolbox, please visit


The BEAT Toolbox is provided as is. There is no warranty. There is no official support. Don't sue if some of it doesn't work as it claims to or an algorithm is just plain wrong--that's why it's open-source software, so people can find and correct these problems. See the GPL for details.