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Function Synopsis

[data, numButtons, sampInt, buttons, filename] = loadvsa

Help text

 LOADVSA   A function that loads a .VSA type data file obtained from the Vscope system.
   prompts the user for a file to load (from a standard file 
   open dialog).  The file is assumed to end in '.vsa'.  

   Irrelevant header info is stripped off.  The function returns:

      NUMBUTTONS: the number of Vscope buttons acquired
      SAMPINT: the sampling interval (in msec., per button)
      DATA: A matrix containing all the data acquired.  Each row 
           contains x-, y-, and z-coordinates for each button 
          (thus, data will have 3 * numButtons columns).
      BUTTONS: the names of the buttons (e.g., 'green')
      FILENAME: the name of the file loaded

   LOADVSA will also fix dropouts in the file.

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