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Function Synopsis

[data, Fs, chanLabel, chanUnits, numChans, numSamples, fullName] = loadacq (dataArch, fullName)

Help text

 LOADACQ   Load an Acqknowledge format file of analog data
   prompts the user for the name of a data acquisition file to load.  It 
   returns the data in the matrix DATA (one column per channel).  

   FS is the rate at which data were sampled, CHANLABEL is a (text) label for
   the channel, CHANUNITS is text for the units being measured on that 
   channel (e.g., 'Volts'), NUMCHANS is the total number of channels, 
   NUMSAMPLES is the number of samples per channel. 
   FULLNAME is the path- and filename of the opened file.

   LOADACQ (DATA_ARCH) performs the same function, but allows the user
   to specify the architecture of the machine on which the data were 
   collected (i.e., big- or little-endian).  If not specified, defaults
   to big-endian (Mac).

   LOADACQ (DATA_ARCH, FILENAME) loads data from the file FILENAME (note: it is
   assumed that the path is contained in the filename).

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