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vectmag        VECTMAG  A function that will compute the magnitude of a vector x.
dotprod        DOTPROD   Vector dot product.	
donebut        DONEBUT   Function to indicate the pressing of a 'Done' button.
toe_off        TOE_OFF  Pick toe off events from data.
h_strike       H_STRIKE  Pick heel strike (contact) events from data.
loadvsa        LOADVSA   A function that loads a .VSA type data file obtained from the Vscope system.
compang        COMPANG   Compute the (2-D or 3-D) angle created by a joint.
loadmrf        LOADMRF   Load MacReflex data file from disk
loadacq        LOADACQ   Load an Acqknowledge format file of analog data
make_cycles    MAKE_CYCLES   Divide cyclic data into its component cycles, and create average cycle.
rms_emg        RMS_EMG   Rectify and RMS an EMG signal.
excl_rad       EXCL_RAD   Callback function to make radio buttons mutually exclusive
comc           COMC   Compute coefficient of multiple correlation of a data series.
contents       BEAT Toolbox
savestats      SAVESTATS  Save data from user to a tab-delimited file.  
fixdrops       FIXDROPS   Fix dropouts in data.
getdrops       GETDROPS   Get dropouts in data.
loadnor        LOADNOR   Load a Noraxon MyoSoft file of analog data in ASCII or binary format
makeaxis       MAKEAXIS  Make 'correct' x-axis for plotting time or frequency data.
rb_startend    RB_STARTEND  Pick start and end points of event using a rubber-band box.
medfreq        MEDFREQ  Compute median frequency of a signal.
meanfreq       MEANFREQ  Compute mean frequency of a signal.
dumpdata       DUMPDATA   Save data to file or database.
set_baseline   SET_BASELINE  Set the baseline level of a signal
fillgaps       FILLGAPS   Fill in gaps and make sure points are consecutive.
loadmyohdr     Load header of MyoSoft file.
loadnor.old    LOADNOR   Load a Noraxon MyoSoft file of analog data in ASCII format
loadlabview    LOADLABVIEW   Load a binary Labview file of analog data.