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Function Synopsis

excl_rad (tagPrefix)

Help text

 EXCL_RAD   Callback function to make radio buttons mutually exclusive
   EXCL_RAD (TAGPREFIX) finds all radio buttons in a figure, and in a set whose
   'Tag' property begins with the string TAGPREFIX, turns all off, except for the
   one that was clicked.  For this to work properly, all radio buttons 'grouped' 
   together must have tags that begin the same way, e.g., 'Radiobutton_Plot'.
   Presumably, the remainder of the tags will be unique, e.g., 'Radiobutton_Plot1',
   'Radiobutton_Plot2'.  EXCL_RAD uses the 'Min' and 'Max' properties of the button
   that was clicked to set the 'Min' and 'Max' properties for the entire group.

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