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2010 Publications

Rehabilitation of the hip following sports Tyler TF, Slattery AA. - last modified 2013-07-29 08:46
Clin Sports Med. 2010 Jan;29(1):107-26, table of contents. doi: 10.1016/j.csm.2009.09.005.


An athlete often presents to the rehabilitation specialist with either a nonspecific referral, such as "hip pain," or with a diagnosis of a more specific hip pathology. The highly skilled clinician is trained to look at the "linkage" between the trunk and all parts of the lower extremity. Why is the hip not transferring the load well? Where is the breakdown? The gluteus medius, pelvic stability, and supportive muscular slings are of great importance when optimizing the function of the hip. The hip is subjected to forces equal to multiples of the body weight and requires osseous, articular and myofascial integrity for stability. This is the mind set when devising an athlete's rehabilitative program, looking at all influential factors that affect joint movement and integrity.