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1986 Publications

Principles of exercise prescription for patients with coronary artery Coplan NL, Gleim GW, Nicholas JA. - last modified 2013-05-16 14:26
Am Heart J. 1986 Jul;112(1):145-9.


Exercise performance is determined by the interaction of many systems. Cardiac disease, non-cardiovascular pathology, physical training, and the hemodynamic response to the type of exercise the patient wants to perform should all be considered when developing an exercise prescription. There are two stages for deriving a complete exercise prescription, determination of optimal exercise intensity from an exercise test and adoption of the recommendation to include other forms of exercise. The recommendation is usually based on a target oxygen consumption or a target heart rate derived from a treadmill test, but both of these methods may be of limited effectiveness. Ventilatory measurements during exercise, which reflect metabolic changes, are a useful adjunct. The exercise prescription must be individualized to the patient's needs, and may have to be modified so that exercise intensity remains within acceptable limits.