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1985 Publications

Orthopedic problems in Nicholas JA, Reilly JP. - last modified 2013-05-16 14:34
Compr Ther. 1985 Jan;11(1):48-56.


Physicians and patients must recognize the demands of the sport involved, as well as the individual's ability to meet those demands. Careful analysis of the sport and examination of the patient to assess recovery and chances of reinjury are mandatory, if he is to enjoy sports after injury. Physicians should become familiar with padding, shoes, warm-up programs, preparticipation examinations, and protective equipment and devices, all of which are helpful in preventing sports injuries. We have touched only briefly on the epidemic problem of quality of life trauma that is part of our society. Because injuries result in punishment to the soul as well as to the body of a person, the sports participant deserves a comprehensive, scientific, multidisciplinary approach in order to return to the state of physical and emotional well-being he enjoyed before the injury. For this reason a physician must examine each patient carefully and with regard for the individual's ability to be sure of the diagnosis for subsequent treatment.