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1984 Publications

The pediatrician and athletic Goldberg B. - last modified 2013-05-17 12:25
Pediatr Ann. 1984 Aug;13(8):596-600.


Over the past several years, there had been an increasing interest among pediatricians to render primary care for sports-related injuries. This represents a natural extension of the growing involvement of the pediatrician in sports medicine. In the late 1950’s, when interest in the field began to mount, the pediatrician’s initial involvement was in the area of protective intervention. Concern was registered about the potential psychological abuses of organized athletics, as well as the risk of injury during the pre-pubertal years from collision sports. As the years passed and the pediatrician became more familiar with the intricacies of children’s athletic programs, interest was channeled into the prevention of injuries.  Issues such as the pre-participation physical examination, protective equipment, conditioning, proper medical supervision, matching of competitors and rule modifications were discussed and evaluated. These issues brought pediatricians into direct contact with supervisory personnel of organized recreational and scholastic leagues and, as a result, the role of medical educator and team physician was frequently assumed. Interest in the primary care of athletic injuries has developed from these experiences. They have also brought a realization of the great need for clinical services.