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1984 Publications

Profiling the hypertensive patient in Zabetakis PM. - last modified 2013-05-17 10:51
Clin Sports Med. 1984 Jan;3(1):137-52.


Performing a sports profile in the hypertensive patient requires a careful assessment of the cardiovascular system. Special attention must be directed to the etiology of the disease as well as to the treatment regimen. Many individuals seeking a sports profile may, in fact, be either unaware of their hypertension or inadequately treated. Insufficient pretesting evaluation of these individuals might well place them at a higher risk for complications of testing. Modification of standard testing procedures would, therefore, be warranted, and in view of the augmented rise in both systolic and diastolic pressure with isometric exercise, avoidance of this form of exercise is advised in the untreated hypertensive patient. Finally, recognizing that antihypertensive medication can adversely affect the hemodynamic response to exercise should permit appropriate application and interpretation of the sports profile.