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1981 Publications

Common Problems Seen in a Metropolitan Sports Injury Clinicby Philip A. Witman, MPH, Meredith Melvin, MEd, James A. Nicholas, MDMr. Witman is a medical student at the University of Vermont College of Medicine in Burlington. Ms Melvin is a former research assistant and Dr. Nicholas is director of the Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Mr. Witman and Ms Melvin are members and Dr. Nicholas is a life fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. - last modified 2013-02-10 00:00
The Physician and Sportsmedicine, 1981; 9:105-110


A hospital clinic primarily for recreational athletes was opened in New York City in 1975 and was staffed by orthopedic residents. During 4-1/2 years, 1,280 patients made a total of 2,732 visits to the clinic. Males outnumbered females by more than 2:1, and the average age was 30.2 years. The most frequently injured areas were the knee, ankle, and shoulder. Soft-tissue pathology was involved in 513 instances (53.9%); the rest (46.1%) were of a skeletal nature. Describing these problems may aid health practitioners in planning for the needs of recreational athletes.