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1979 Publications

Measurement Of Body Composition By Ultrasound In Professional Football G.W. Gleim, J.A. Nicholas, G. Veras.Institute of Sports Medicine. Lenox Hill Hospital - last modified 2013-02-09 00:00
Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 11:102, 1979.


Forty-three professional football players were measured at eight sites for subcutaneous fat with an A-scale (point source) ultrasound device, using a 2.5 MHz. transducer. The initial reflection below 1 mm. was interpreted as the muscle-fat interface. The sites measured were mid anterior, lateral and posterior thigh, 11.5 cm. lateral to the umbilicus, 10cm. lateral to L2 vertebra, mid tricep, inferior angle scapula, mid nipple/anterior axillary fold. These results were compared to hydrostatic weighing techniques. Multiple regression analysis yields the following:

We conclude that this provides an accurate, alternative method to hydrostatic weighing. It has the following advantages : (1) distinguishes where subcutaneous fat is distributed on the body, (2) provides access to sites where skin folds are unobtainable, and (3) requires less equipment than the hydrostatic technique.