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1978 Publications

Sport-specific performance factor profiling: fencing as a prototypeby Sapega AA, Minkoff J, Nicholas JA, Valsamis M. - last modified 2013-05-21 08:32
Am J Sports Med. 1978 Sep-Oct;6(5):232-5.


A musculoskeletal profiling study was done on 24 members of the U. S. Pan American and Olympic fencing squads. This was presented as a methodological prototype for future, more comprehensive sport profiling studies. It is proposed that sport-specific profiling data have practical application in the following areas: 1. The identification of physical deficiencies in an athlete, using his or her sport profile as a comparative standard. This would apply to general pre- and postseason screening as well as to medical complaint-related examinations. 2. Providing objective, sport-specific criteria for determining when an injured athlete has recovered to the extent that he or she is adequately prepared to return to play. Rehabilitation goals for full recovery can also be defined. 3. Increasing the efficacy and efficiency of training techniques. 4. The prospective identification of superior performance potential in athletes at early competitive levels. If sport profiles were developed for the major participant sports at several competitive levels, the profiling system as described here could have significant application to a large number of athletes in a variety of playing situations.