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1978 Publications

Iliotibial band transfer through the intercondylar notch for combined anterior instability (ITPT procedure)by Nicholas JA, Minkoff J. - last modified 2013-05-21 08:27
Am J Sports Med. 1978 Nov-Dec;6(6):341-53.


Instability of the knee has undergone rapid refinement

over the last 20 years, starting with medial

reconstruction working to the lateral side, and

abetted by the long-term procedures which tried

to substitute for intra-articular loss of the stabilizing

anterior and even posterior cruciate ligaments.

Operations have ranged from fascial and tendon

substitutes to synthetics, as well as anterior half

transfers back. We are presenting a method that

we have now performed on 16 patients, at the time

of this report. The indication for this operation

primarily has been where anterior instability is the

major flagrant instability but is combined with

anterolateral or medial components, and could not

be satisfactorily treated by exercise programs or