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1976 Publications

A study of thigh muscle weakness in different pathological states of the lower Nicholas JA, Strizak AM, Veras G. - last modified 2013-05-21 09:10
Am J Sports Med. 1976 Nov-Dec;4(6):241-8.


It has long been recognized that limb injury

produces relative atrophy and weakness,

which can cause an increased susceptibility

to reinjury. In 1964, Bender et all concluded

from a study of the lower body strength of

806 West Point Cadets that &dquo; ... individuals

who have strength differences greater

than 10% between the limbs, and also those

in the lower quartile strengthwise, are more

likely to be injured than are those who

possess normal strength levels.&dquo; These studies

were limited to isometrics, with the

subjects tested according to the multiple

angle testing method and then exercised with

an isometric program. There are few data

concerning which muscles are weakened in

response to particular injuries, other than

the prime movers of joints, for example, the

quadriceps when there is a knee injury.