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1975 Publications

Risk factors, sports medicine and the orthopedic system: an Nicholas JA. - last modified 2013-05-21 00:00
J Sports Med. 1975 Sep-Oct;3(5):243-59.


Dr Jack Hughston, second President of

the Amencan Orthopedic Society for Sports

Medicine stated that Hippocrates was

the Father of Sports Medicine.’ Dr. Joe

W. King, our present and fourth President,

stated that Sports Medicine is one of the

most popular areas of interest among orthopedic

surgeons in this country.2 Since the

time of Hippocrates, Sports Medicine has

evolved to encompass such widely diverse

areas as social medicine and the biological

and physical sciences. Many important contributions

from the world over, in such

disciplines as physiology, physical education,

bioengineering and the medical

sciences, have been produced and have not

received adequate recognition. In the twentieth

century, interest, stimulated by expanding

television and communications media,

has now produced a marriage between

the sciences dealing with recreational activity

and medicine.