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Research Projects

A sampling of projects currently underway at NISMAT include:

  • Differentiation of central and peripheral fatigue in endurance athletes.
  • Biomechanics of gait in patients undergoing total knee replacement surgery.
  • Comparison of gait in patients undergoing total hip replacement compared to patients having hip resurfacing.
  • Biomechanics of landing in dancers compared with college-level athletes [with specific applications to ACL injury risk].
  • Dynamic measurement of pressure distribution under the meniscus in a cadaveric model.
  • Comparison of techniques for ACL rehabilitation: traditional rehab vs. incorporating electrical stimulation vs. incorporating peripheral magnetic stimulation of the femoral nerve.
  • Comparison of single vs. double-row suture techniques in rotator cuff repair.
  • Alteration of gait mechanics when using a medial unloader brace.
  • Novel treatment for tennis elbow.